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The biggest benefit of owning a franchise is brand recognition. Most, if not all franchises are well-known companies with established customer bases. Owning a franchise instead of starting up a new business saves you the time and effort of building a reputation and attracting customers. They are recognizable because their signs and colors are the same.” “It’s a type of business that is the same everywhere you go. Start with an established business model with a lower initial investment, ongoing help, training, and support, lower marketing costs, and continuing innovation. Reduces the chances of failing.
Complete the Initial Request Form below and you will be contacted by our Development Department.
The franchise fee is $25,000 (USD).
Approximately $49,500.00 depending on location.

Amco Insurance franchisees pay a Royalty of 5 % of the gross commissions or a minimum of $500.00 per month (whichever is greater).
Advertising cost of $1,000.00 per month per location for the Advertising Fund.

Results depend on location, management, marketing, and dedication. Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) addresses this and also provides you with a history of the previous year.

Several Lending institutions specialize in franchise loans, catering almost exclusively to franchising.  These lenders can be found on the International Franchise Association’s website at Look for supplier business district, then Financial Services category.  We also have a company for those who qualify with a 20%-30% down payment with acceptable credit.

Absolutely! Your 8-week training starts after you have obtained your Insurance License.
You will receive assistance throughout the process as well as have continued support from our Development Team to maximize your income potential.

Once you are a franchisee, our Site Selection team will assist you to find locations. We make recommendations based on demographics, population, and traffic. We will help you negotiate the best possible lease. You should also have an attorney explain all the legal aspects of the lease.
With our direction, you will build it with local contractors.
Once you start the process, it should take between 3–6 months to the Grand Opening.

A Franchise Disclosure is a Disclosure required by the Federal Trade Commission for all potential Franchise Purchasers.
It includes information about the history of the company, fees, investment costs, information about the Franchisor, and any litigation in which the Franchisor was involved.
It also describes how the Franchisor relationship operates, how the company is organized, their contact information, owner’s information, etc.

This Agreement gives the Franchisee the commitment of the Franchisor and Franchisor’s expectations and requirements of the Franchisee. The Agreement also includes territorial rights, location requirements, training, etc. The Agreement is detailed and specific. It involves the Franchisor, Franchisee, other Franchisees, and the public who purchases the services from the Franchisor.

An individual or group looking to open one or more locations in a specific area/county for a specific number of years.

Please complete the Request for Consideration Application to learn more about these opportunities.

We will inform you if there are any at the time you inquire.

Please feel free to call 855-400-8899 to speak with our Real Estate Development Department who will then review the location’s demographics to ensure it fits our location criteria.

Please complete the Request for Information Form below.

You can call us at our Franchise Department at 1 855-400-8899 or email us at